Healthy Vegetable, Shimp and Fruit Fritters (Torta)

Today, I will make a non-traditional Pinoy “torta”. The very common torta in the Philippines would be the”Tortang Talong”, which of course uses eggplant as its main ingredient. It is fried with some eggs and optional onions, tomatoes and sometimes with pork. I made this a healthier version since I love vegetables. You will need the following:



Put everything together and fry in cooking Oil. ( I normally use regular Canola oil. The result is this, which I cut using  flower and heart-shaped cookie cutters.


As for the dipping sauce, I will post a picture later. But you need the following:


Kalamansi or Lemon

Chopped white onions

Chilli flakes (optional if you don’t like spicy sauce)

ENJOY!!! 🙂

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Easy Lettuce and Mango Salad (with Bacon and Cheese)

1.) Lettuce (combination of iceberg, cultivars, romaine…Romaine for me is the best though)

2.) 1/2 diced cheese

3.) fried bacon

4.) Turnips (1 big pc is enough)…SINGKAMAS in other words :0)

5.) Mangoes (in season during summer)


Optional: tomatoes, julienned carrots, cucumber


For the dressing.


In the picture I used Ladies Choice Light mayo, ground pepper, mustard, sesame oil and seeds.



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